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Workshop & Knitting Project
Yukon Wildlife Preserve Conference Centre   Workshop
The qiviuq workshop will be held in the conference room of the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. The Preserve is a 750 acres sanctuary for Yukon animals, located about 30 km from downtown Whitehorse. Among the 100 or more animals, there is a herd of muskox.
Muskox at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve
The windows in the conference room give a panoramic view of the muskox paddock, so we will be able to watch the animals while we knit.
Yukon Wildlife Preserve Conference Centre - another view
A wildlife biologist will share knowledge of this ancient animal, tell us how they have adapted to the northern environment, and describe the challenges of caring for the muskox at the Preserve.
Muskox at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve in the summer shedding its qiviuq undercoat
As well as providing instruction on handling and knitting with qiviuq, Wendy Chambers will share her experiences with the Inuvialuit, the harvesters of this fibre. She will also talk about how the fibre is spun and how it has grown in popularity.
Qiviuq Hands Entwined Handwarmer project   Knitting Project
Marney and Wendy chose the qiviuq hand warmers as the weekend project because it is small enough to complete in a weekend; delicate enough to be a special gift and challenging enough to show-off the unique characteristics of qiviuq. The hand warmers are made from 100% 3-ply natural yarn and have an entwined cable pattern.
Bring your own needles - 3 & 3.5mm straight; 3mm dp.



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