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Welcome to Folknits

Folknits is proudly owned by Marney Mitchell of Knit Now, Whitehorse's natural fibre yarn store, located on 3rd Avenue between Steele and Wood Street beside the Westmark Hotel.
The orginal Folknits shop was opened in 1995 by professional knitter and designer, Wendy Chambers and until recently, the shop was located in the 'moose' building on Second Avenue in Whitehorse.
The muskox have now gladly snuggled into a corner of the Knit Now shop.
Finest quality Arctic qiviuq is still our specialty!
The Inuvialuit, the indigenous people of the western Canadian Arctic, still practice their cultural traditions, harvesting qiviuq from herds of wild muskox.
Qiviuq is one of the finest, lightest and rarest fibres in the world.
Folknits has skeined qiviuq yarn and exclusive qiviuq knitting kits designed by Wendy Chambers, as well as beautifully finished qiviuq knitwear. Folknits also has new qiviuq designs by Kim Solomon under the Knit Now label. Watch for new designs on the Folknits website as well as the Knit Now website.

All prices are listed in Canadian dollars.
Check the current exchange rate with your bank or credit card company.




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  baby sized muskox  
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